Whitelisting in Mimecast solutions

You might find that you don't receive emails from Moxso. That is why we aren't whitelisted in your Mimecast systems - here we guide through the whitelisting process.

Last update: 05-11-2023

Whitelisting in Mimecast solutions

Mimecast’s security features may prevent our simulated phishing emails from reaching you. In order to whitelist Moxso's IP addresses and circumvent the spam filters in your inbox, we encourage you to follow the instructions below.

Whitelisting IP addresses

If we want to be sure that you get Moxso's simulated phishing emails to your inbox, you’ll need to whitelist the IP addresses you received from us.

Configuring Permitted Senders Policy

Follow the steps below to change the Permitted Senders Policy in Mimecast:

  1. Log in to the Mimecast Administration Panel.
  2. Go to “Gateway” > “Policies”.
  3. Look for the “Permitted Senders Policy” in the list and click on it.
  4. If there is an existing policy for allowed IP addresses, see if it applies 'From Everyone' and 'To Everyone'. If you have an existing policy, you can add the IP addresses from Moxso to the “Validity” section.

If you don’t have an existing policy defined as 'From Everyone' and 'To Everyone', then create a new policy using the following steps:

  1. Click “New Policy”.
  2. In “Policy Narrative”, enter a name that describes the policy, e.g. as 'Permitted IP Addresses'.
  3. In “Permitted Sender Policy”, select “Permit Sender”.
  4. Select “Everyone” for 'Emails From' and 'Emails To'.
  5. Check the “Policy Override” checkbox.
  6. Add the IP addresses required in the “Source IP Ranges” box using the CIDR notation.

Configuring Other Policies

You can use the same steps, as we have outlined for you above, with the following policies:

  • Anti-Spoofing Policy
  • Attachment Protection Bypass Policy
  • URL Protection Bypass Policy
  • Impersonation Protection Bypass Policy
  • Attachment Management Bypass Policy

Additional Guidance

For more information, please check out Mimecast's website or visit our contact page for additional help.

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