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Phishing e-mails are created to exploit human errors. We created Moxso to eliminate these errors.

The best way to avoid falling victim to a phishing attack is by training your employees. In a busy workday, where the e-mails keep on coming, there is not much time to process each individual e-mail. Therefore, it's essential that your employees can quickly determine whether an e-mail is malicious or not. Remember, hackers only need one inattentive employee to gain access to your company.

Moxso is the only tool you need to train your employees and reduce the risk of being hit by a phishing attack. Your cybersecurity is only as good as the weakest link. Turn your employees into your strongest cyber defense and keep your company protected with Moxso.

The possibilities with Moxso

Friendly phishing e-mails

We send your employees phishing e-mails which teaches them to identify, avoid, and report phishing.

Spear phishing

We send your employees phishing e-mails specifically targeted at your company.

Whale phishing

We set up campaigns designed for key employees.

Ongoing evaluation

Keep track of your company's ability to identify phishing and how your results improve month by month.

Dynamic learning

We evaluate each individual employee and adapt the learning material based on the employee's skill-level. We focus on training where it's needed the most.

A cultural difference

We help you create a cybersecurity culture and help set up an infrastructure that best protects you against phishing attacks.

Compressed bite-sized training

We minimize the time that your employees spend on training by naturally integrating the phishing simulations and training into their daily work life.

Real-time data breach monitoring

We monitor your employees' e-mails and passwords and alert you if they have been leaked in major external data breaches.

Cyber threats are steadily increasing. You need a solution that works.

This year, the number of recorded phishing e-mails per day has increased to over 3 billion worldwide. That’s 125 million e-mails sent every hour – not including spam and other types of cyberattacks.

Moxso is here to ensure your company's protection against cyberattacks.

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Level-up your security

Moxso is the only tool you need to train your employees and minimize the risk of being hacked. Your cybersecurity is only as good as the weakest link.

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