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Moxso is everything your organization needs!

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“The switch to gamification and positive learning has been a game changer for us. Moxso’s easy-to-understand examples of real-world threats and insights into every single employee’s progression, has made me confident that Moxso’s training program is the best solution for Fireball.”

Liselotte Lund-Rasmussen, Partner - Fireball

Moxso is a paradigm shift

More than 82% of all security incidents are caused by the human factor. Thus, phishing is designed to exploit human error. Moxso's mission is to create a strong security culture focusing on safe behavior through awareness training your employees will love. Behavior-changing training is the only tool that reduces the risk of cyberattacks caused by human error.

Moxso is your all-in-one cybersecurity solution. We provide everything you need in one platform, delivering awareness training, breach monitoring, and phishing simulations directly to your employees' inboxes.

Moxso's philosophy puts the user experience first, as we don't believe in traditional training methods that focus on heavy information and convoluted security policies. The training therefore consists of targeted, dynamic and gamified micro-learning that engages the user and leaves them wanting more. Phishing is an ever-changing threat, and therefore training should be regular and ongoing. Let Moxso help your organization get started.


We provide a solution that is tailored to your organization's needs and easy to implement. We take care of all the administration, so your employees can concentrate on what matters most: becoming the best cyber defense.

We teach your employees how to identify and report phishing, minimize cyber risk through awareness training, and react to data breaches. In other words, Moxso is the only tool you need to drive behavior change and create a strong security culture that will maximize your organization's security ROI.

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The possibilities with Moxso

See how Moxso’s features work for you

Friendly phishing

We send your employees phishing e-mails which teaches them to identify, avoid, and report phishing.

Bite-sized training

We minimize the time that your employees spend on training by naturally integrating the phishing simulations and training into their daily work life.

Breach monitoring

We monitor your employees' e-mails and passwords and alert you if they have been leaked in major external data breaches.

Ongoing evaluation

Keep track of your company's ability to identify phishing and how your results improve month by month.

Dynamic learning

We evaluate each individual employee and adapt the learning material based on the employee's skill-level. We focus on training where it's needed the most.

A culture change

We help you create a cybersecurity culture and help set up an infrastructure that best protects you against phishing attacks.

Moxso is the complete phishing defense toolkit

Our combination of continuous phishing simulations and awareness training enables your employees to detect and stop cyberattacks — before they hurt your business.

Simulated phishing attacks

Customizable campaigns to match the cyberattacks your employees are likely to face.

Tailored training

Improve employee awareness through automated training and interactive quizzes.

Breach alerts

Be alerted when an employee's data is compromised in an external data breach.