Easily build a strong cybersecurity culture

Email attacks are becoming increasingly complex and dangerous. Stay ahead of cyber criminals and protect your business data with Moxso.

Cybersecurity as a service

Simple simulation and training for your organisation

AI-based phishing simulation

Our security drills and phishing simulations help employees recognize, avoid, and report potential threats that can compromise critical business data and systems, including phishing, malware, ransomware, and spyware.

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Suspicious activity

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Our software includes a ready-to-launch training course tailored for each employee and designed by security experts. We make training fun and enable your employees to fight security risks, and stay secure.

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Real-time data breach reporting

Data breach reporting uses data and insights gathered from hundreds of data breaches to detect if your employees have been hacked and alerts you in real-time of new breaches.

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Data breach detected

Secure and compliant infrastructure

Built on tech used by the world's largest companies

The complete phishing defense toolkit

Our combination of training and continuous security-drills enables you to detect and stop attacks — before they hurt your business.

Simulated attacks

Customizable campaigns to match the kind of attacks your employees are likely to receive.

Tailored training

Improve employee awareness through automated training and interactive quizzes.

Real-time alerts

Be alerted in real-time when an employee appears in data breaches.