Unlocking human-layer security with AI and automation

Our tailored security program creates a paradigm shift in employee behavior. Mitigate risks and enhance organizational resilience effectively.

Unlocking <span class='h1-text-span'>human-layer</span> security with AI and automation

Enhance security, minimize management.
We've got you covered.

Reduce the risk of cyberattacks with an effortless security solution.

Phishing simulations

Phishing simulations, powered by cutting-edge AI, level up the game dynamically. Monitor your team's growth through sharp monthly reports and feel the impact of tailor-made simulations.

Phishing simulation

Suspicious activity

Quiz 1 / 10

Dynamic awareness training

Awareness training based on gamification, fueling employee-driven training missions. Climb the ranks on the leaderboard and empower competition, boosting motivation and transforming employee habits.

Awareness training

Threat Management

Navigate the landscape of reported threats and handle urgent security situations instantly. Moxso’s Threat Management provides a complete overview of phishing threats currently targeting your organization.

Threat Management
New threat reported
Moxso score
Moxso Score

Your cyber resilience in a single score

Level up your cybersecurity game with the Moxso Score — your ultimate metric for cyber resilience! Our score combines numbers from phishing simulation attacks and awareness training, factoring in click rate, interaction rate, and reporting rate.

It's the no-nonsense gauge, ranking your risk resilience from 0 to 100.

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Anders van Dhürbourgh-Jacobsen

Anders van Dhürbourgh-Jacobsen

CFO - Damvad Analytics

"After using Moxso for just a couple of months we saw a huge difference in our employees’ habits and attitude towards cybersecurity. We chose Moxso because they offer an outsourcing solution that removes all administrative tasks on our end."
Liselotte Lund-Rasmussen

Liselotte Lund-Rasmussen

Partner - Fireball

"The switch to gamification and positive learning has been a game changer for us. Moxso’s easy-to-understand examples of real-world threats and insights into every single employee’s progression, has made me confident that Moxso’s training program is the best solution for Fireball."
Mette Bøgelund

Mette Bøgelund

Managing partner - Incentive

"We use Moxso as our cybersecurity training tool to teach our employees how to recognize and properly handle phishing emails. We decided to work with Moxso because of the way they tailor the training to each employee."

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