Learning by doing

Keep your employees alert by continuously exposing them to simulated phishing attacks.

Suspicious activity

Increased awareness of phishing scams

70-90% of all cyber attacks start with a phishing email. Make sure that your company stays safe by educating your employees and increasing their awareness of the threat of cyberattacks through advanced phishing simulations.

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Of hacks are initiated with phishing

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6 tril. USD

Estimated cost of hacking 2021

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Likely hood of catching hackers

Always in the loop

Get access to statistics and evaluations of your team's security performance. Stay updated in real time with which employees that are caught by phishing emails and follow your team's overall progression over time.

What you get

Easy and flexible onboarding

5 minutes onboarding that covers your every need. Choose your own phishing campaigns or let the Moxso team set it up for you.

Tailored simulations

Get company specific simulations that ensure that your team is ready to face an advanced socially engineered attack.

Best practise handling of phishing

We help you set up the infrastructure that ensures the safest way to handle phishing scams while also improving your security.

Easy overview

Easy overview that lets you follow each team and team member.

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Level-up your security

Moxso is the only tool you need to train your employees and limit the likelihood of being caught in a phishing scam. Your cybersecurity is only as good as the weakest point.

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