Threat Management

Navigate the landscape of reported threats and handle urgent security situations instantly. Moxso’s Threat Management provides a complete overview of phishing threats currently targeting your organization.

Threat Management

Explore the power of effective and rapid threat response

Employees empower your collective defense when they report suspicious emails. Respond to threats rapidly with Moxso’s dynamic solution.

Manage threats easily

We have streamlined the threat detection and response process, so you can easily reduce risk. Moxso's Threat Management provides a complete overview of the specific phishing threats currently targeting you.

And don’t worry – Moxso's phishing simulations are filtered out to ensure your valuable time is spent solely on genuine phishing attempts.

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Respond to employee reporting

Take action by flagging reported emails as potential threats. This will trigger alerts for other employees who may have received the same email. Also, you can choose to quarantine emails that you identify as phishing, preventing them from reaching employee inboxes in the future.

Your employees play an important role in reducing the risk of cyberattacks. By reporting, they speed up your threat detection and remediation time.

Optimize threat response with data

Moxso's Threat Management automatically analyzes each reported threat, so you can quickly identify if it's a phishing attempt or not – and respond accordingly.

The analysis is based on relevant metadata and threat indicators such as DNS, homoglyphs, inconsistency, credentials and so on. This valuable data enables you to detect threats faster than ever before.

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That’s not all...

Discover how Moxso's features can assist you.

Complete overview

Never miss a phishing threat – Threat Management provides the complete overview.

Report phishing with add-in

Automated incident creation and alerts

Incidents will automatically be created when employees report. Alerts are based on your own criteria.

Connect with other systems

Submit reported threats automatically to other systems via Threat Management.

In-depth threat analysis

We analyze every incident so you can quickly identify if it's a phishing attempt.

Focus on real threats

Keep your eyes on the real threats. Our phishing simulations are filtered out so you don’t waste any time.

Boost learning outcome

Employees will automatically be notified about the outcome of their reported incident.

Human cyber defense

Employees become an active part of your cyber defense, reducing the risk of cyberattacks in your organization.


“After using Moxso for just a couple of months we saw a huge difference in our employees’ habits and attitude towards cybersecurity. We chose Moxso because they offer an outsourcing solution that removes all administrative tasks on our end.”

Anders van Dhürbourgh-Jacobsen

CFO - Damvad Analytics

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How to boost security with Moxso’s Threat Management

Threat Management is designed to improve your threat response with less time and fewer resources. Explore how our solution can enhance your security posture.

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  • How to use Threat Management as a tool to reduce risk

  • How analysis and data can help you take appropriate and prompt action

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

How do employees report phishing?

Moxso has designed a phishing reporting add-in that enables your employees to report phishing emails directly in their inboxes. Our add-in is added to your email client as your company onboards.

When an employee wants to report suspicious emails as phishing, they click on the Moxso Report Button. The email is then forwarded to your IT department and appears in Threat Management.

What type of threats appear in Moxso’s Threat Management?

Moxso’s Threat Management is based on phishing reporting. This means that potential phishing attempts that have been reported by employees will appear in Threat Management.

Which systems are compatible with Threat Management?

Currently, Moxso’s reporting add-in and Threat Management supports integration with Gmail and Outlook.

How can admin or IT teams tell if a reported threat is an actual phishing attempt?

Moxso’s Threat Management automatically conducts an analysis of each reported threat. Based on this comprehensive analysis, admin or IT should be able to tell whether or not the reported email is a phishing attempt.

The analysis is based on the following metadata and threat indicators:

  • Common threats
  • DNS
  • Homoglyphs
  • Inconsistency
  • Urgency
  • Credentials
  • And more…
How does Threat Management reduce risk?

You can use Threat Management to reduce risk in two specific ways:

  • You can respond to employee reporting by labeling all threats with a warning. This way, other employees who may have received the same email will be warned that it has been reported as phishing by a colleague.
  • You can choose to quarantine emails that you identify as phishing, preventing them from reaching employee inboxes in the future.

In addition, Threat Management encourages safe behavior. Ultimately, Threat Management has the potential to improve your overall cybersecurity posture by building a security culture.

Who can benefit from Moxso’s Threat Management?

Absolutely everyone can benefit from Moxso’s Threat Management. Our solution helps the entire organization reduce risk and accelerate threat detection and response. Also, it helps bridge the gap between employees and the IT department who will form a strong alliance based on employee reporting. Needless to say, this is something every organization can benefit from.