Awareness training

Cybersecurity Awareness Training, designed to educate employees in the most effective manner possible.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Your cybersecurity is only as good as the weakest point. Train your employees to increase your security. In that way you make sure that your company is always one step ahead of a possible attack.

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Of hacks are initiated with phishing

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6 tril. USD

Estimated cost of hacking 2021

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Likely hood of catching hackers

Dynamic employee training

Give your employees the most effective training with Moxso’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program. We have tailored training sessions to every level of cybersecurity awareness. We identify the employees with the biggest need for training and make sure to increase their cybersecurity awareness. Employees with a high degree of awareness will receive less but more advanced training.

Building learning experience

What you get


Your employees will go through small quizzes that help them to identify potential phishing emails.

Walk through

When opening simulation emails from Moxso the employees will be walked through what they should have looked for before opening.

Consequences of hacking

We help your employees understand what the consequences of an attack can have on your organisation.


You decide how you want to manage your employees. Create automated emails to employees that have not completed training.

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Level-up your security

Moxso is the only tool you need to train your employees and limit the likelihood of being caught in a phishing scam. Your cybersecurity is only as good as the weakest point.

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