Individual awareness training

Our awareness training is designed to optimize your employees’ cyber hygiene through effective training exercises.

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Employee training is key

Your cybersecurity is only as good as the weakest link. Train your employees and make sure that your company is always one step ahead of a possible cyberattack.

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Of cyberattacks are initiated with phishing

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Cost of cyberattacks in 2021

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Likelihood of catching hackers

Dynamic skill-based training

Provide your employees with the most effective training with Moxso’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program. We have tailored training exercises for every level of cybersecurity awareness. We identify the employees with the least understanding of cybersecurity and ensure they receive the most training. Employees with a good understanding of cybersecurity will receive fever but more advanced exercises.

Building learning experience

What you get


Your employees will complete bite-sized training exercises that teaches them to identify potential phishing e-mails.

Walk through

When opening simulated phishing e-mails from Moxso your employees will be informed of the signs they should have been aware of.

Consequences of hacking

We provide content that teaches your employees the consequences of cyberattacks and how they can affect your company.


You decide how you want us to manage your employees. We create custom automated e-mail flows for your employees that best fit your company.

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Level-up your security

Moxso is the only tool you need to train your employees and minimize the risk of being hacked. Your cybersecurity is only as good as the weakest link.

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