Individual awareness training

Create a natural interest in cybersecurity among the employees. Our awareness training is created to optimize the employees' cyber hygiene through individual training sessions.

Individual awareness training

Train smarter, not harder.

Our dynamic awareness training is always available, and the employees can influence their own training. We have created awareness training on the employees' terms.

Human-centric awareness training

Our awareness training is created by people - for people. We focus on the important things in cybersecurity and make sure that the employees get the proper training - without it being boring.

We speak to the professional employee in a precise and easy-to-understand way. Our training is interesting and informative - not instructive.

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Notable improvements in no time

Mandatory and tedious training doesn’t work. Our awareness training consists of micro-learning, which creates a high degree of learning in a short amount of time. The bite-sized training creates content with a clear focus.

Short and targeted training makes it easier for employees to acquire and retain knowledge, which motivates them to learn more.

Gamified and engaging content

We use gamification in our awareness training to give employees a fun and interactive experience while training. This approach transforms complex topics into concrete messages - and creates training that the employees want to participate in.

The employees can keep track of their performance and see how they improve. They are instantly rewarded for their work, which significantly increases their engagement and creates a natural competition in the company.

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That’s not all...

Discover how Moxso's features can assist you.

Automatic login with magic links

Your employees can easily and safely access their personal e-learning hub when it suits them.

Automatic login with magic links


The leaderboard visualizes the competition and ignites the employees' drive to outperform others in the company.

Educational quizzes

Our quizzes teach the employees to identify phishing.

See the progress

Right from the start, the employees can follow their progress and see what training exercises they have completed.

Multiple languages

Our awareness training and e-learning hub is offered in Danish and English.

Time-efficient training

10 min. per month is enough to increase the employees’ cybersecurity.

Relevant material for all employees

Employees can learn about everything from basic cyber hygiene to advanced hacking.


“The switch to gamification and positive learning has been a game changer for us. Moxso’s easy-to-understand examples of real-world threats and insights into every single employee’s progression, has made me confident that Moxso’s training program is the best solution for Fireball.”

Liselotte Lund-Rasmussen

Partner - Fireball

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How to engage employees with security training

For employees to want to actively participate in their security training, the training needs to be engaging and motivating.

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In this white paper you will learn:

  • How gamification is used to empower users to exercise on their own initiative

  • The importance of individualized training content

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

What is included in the cybersecurity awareness training?

Our online awareness training consists primarily of informative videos and hands-on quizzes.

In our training videos, Moxso employees cover a wide range of relevant topics in cybersecurity. We have videos that covers everything from the general aspects in IT security to advanced knowledge on complex topics about hacking and cybercriminals. The videos provides a deep understanding of the scenarios that are likely to affect your business as well as the characteristics, handling, and consequences of the most common and relevant cyberattacks. All topics are communicated in an easy-to-understand way.

Your employees can, among other things, learn how hackers guess passwords, how ransomware as a service works, how data encryption works, how they can increase their personal IT security, and how they step by step recognize and handle phishing e-mails.

Our educational and fun quizzes consist of examples of e-mails from newsletters that are either legitimate or fake. The quizzes teach the employees the ability to identify phishing e-mails by making them aware off the elements in phishing e-mails they should focus on. Being able to identify and therefore avoid falling victim to phishing attacks is key in cybersecurity. Phishing attacks can lead to major security breaches.

Our awareness training focuses on the human elements and their importance in cybersecurity. The vast majority of successful cyberattacks are due to human error. Your employees are your biggest security risk, but with our awareness training it's possible to make them your biggest cyber defense. Our awareness training is designed to optimize both the employees' knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.

All parts of our awareness training are always available to your employees. Awareness training helps create a cybersecurity culture in your company. After taking part in the awareness training courses, employees quickly and naturally become much more aware of potential cyber threats, and this reduces the risk of an employee falling victim to a phishing attack.

What is dynamic security awareness training?

Our dynamic employee training continuously changes to match the current cybersecurity risk an employee poses.

Once the company's training begins, the employees will start out with different levels of knowledge about IT security, secure data management, and knowledge of the general principles of phishing and other cyber threats. During the training, the employees' knowledge, and behavior change, and so does the dynamic training.

The dynamic awareness training ensures that there are always new challenges for your employees, so that they can continue to increase their awareness of IT security and be engaged the training.

Our awareness training is based on each individual employee's responsibility to protect your company. Our solutions are scalable and flexible.

This approach ensures both continuous training and a high degree of learning. It's the best way to change user behavior, maintain employee awareness, and build a strong cybersecurity culture.

You also ensure that your employees don't waste their time or your company's money.

How does gamification of the security awareness program work?

Our awareness training and phishing simulations are based on gamification. This means that we have taken traditional elements from games and made them a part of the training, notably rewarding good work with points and achievements. It makes the awareness training more entertaining and engaging.

Your employees earn points by avoiding clicking on links in the simulated phishing attacks, by reporting phishing e-mails with Moxso's add-in, by watching videos, and by taking quizzes.

The overview of the employees' points can be seen on their personal account in the e-learning hub. There is also a leaderboard in the e-learning hub that shows the employees with the most points.

Employees also receive achievements when they reach various milestones, for example by answering a certain number of quiz questions correctly or avoiding a certain number of phishing simulations.

What courses in cybersecurity does Moxso offer?

Moxso offers online courses in a wide range of topics in information security and cybersecurity.

Our general courses cover phishing, relevant and common types of cyberattacks, advice on increasing security both privately and in the workplace, hackers and their methods, "nerdy" courses on advanced hacking and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

As a company you can choose these ready-made courses, select items from different courses or have courses tailored to suit your employees, your departments, management or your organization as a whole.

You can choose the same course for several employees or choose awareness training that is specific to each individual employee.

What is the structure of a typical training course?

Before taking part in a training course, the security risk that your employees pose must be assessed. This is assessed through a baseline test. This test consists of a series of specially selected phishing simulations that are sent to all employees after your company has been onboarded.

Once the baseline test has been completed, we assess how great a security risk each employee poses. This is based on their reactions to the phishing simulations.

Employees can be assigned courses whose content and frequency match their security risk. If an employee poses a high security risk, they can be assigned a course with material that focuses on how to recognize phishing and properly report phishing.

As a company you can choose to have a tailored training course for your employees. Maybe you asses that the IT department needs to be trained in the more human aspects of cyberattacks and the marketing department needs to be trained in hacking of IT systems or decrypting personal data.

You can change the assigned courses at any time. You can also choose for your employees to go through the training at their own pace and organize their own courses.

How often does Moxso update its security awareness training program?

The constantly increasing threat from cyberattacks plays a critical role in cybersecurity, as new technologies are constantly being developed that make it easier for a hacker to carry out attacks. There are more and more cybercriminals developing their skills and creating large organizations of hackers every day.

We constantly keep up with the current themes and the latest trends in hacking, cyberattacks, and cybersecurity and update our e-learning hub monthly with relevant material and new features. We are constantly working on future courses that combine specific topics with the appropriate exercises.

This allows your business to continually tailor new courses to match the current cyber threats targeting your business or industry.

Can I plan future courses for all my employees?

Yes, you can easily plan future training courses for your employees. You can plan courses or programs yourself with the desired number of videos, exercises, themes etc. The security awareness training can be tailored to target the threats that are most relevant for your company or the categories of employees in your company.

When you hire new employees, they can automatically be assigned a current or future awareness program. The program can be changed at any time. Moxso can also plan and handle future courses. We can create courses that fit your company's wishes and needs. By planning, or having a targeted course planned for you, you can increase the employee participation and engagement, as relevance is often a motivating factor for your employees and colleagues.

The e-learning hub is always available, which means that all employees can access their personal accounts and participate in their awareness training when it suits them best. It's not possible to predict the future of hacking and cybersecurity, but by planning courses going forward, your business can most likely stay ahead of cybercriminals.