What is the D-mark?

You may have seen that some companies have a "D-mark" - and you may be wondering what that mark means - here we explain what it is.

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What is the D-mark?

In short, the D-mark is a label that attests, or verifies, that a company is in control of its data security and thus demonstrates digital responsibility - in other words, they have good cyber security. The label was introduced so that customers who show an interest in different companies can see that the company they are researching actually has digital security under control - and therefore your cyber security too. The same goes for business partners, and it can further increase the likelihood of a potential collaboration if they can see that you have the D-label.

You can compare this to the certification for Danish e-retailers, who get an e-label and thus verify webshops so that customers can shop there with confidence. It can therefore document a strategy that complies with Danish rules - here the D-label is a stamp of good cyber security.

Many parties have therefore been involved in developing this label, including

  • The Danish Industry Foundation
  • The Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Danish Business
  • SME Denmark
  • Consumer Council Tænk
  • And it is supported by the Danish Business Authority

The purpose of the D-mark is to improve online safety and thereby also create security for citizens who fall more easily into the social engineering trap, but also to create transparency about responsible data use. These are themes we focus on in our awareness training as well.

Who can get a D-mark?

Only Danish companies can be awarded and display the D-label - if they can prove responsible data use.

If your company would like a D-label, you will need to go through an evaluation by the D-label advisory board, which will review your cybersecurity and data use. This board is made up of some of the country's leading professionals with skills that span IT security, law, privacy and artificial intelligence, among others.

Below you can find out how your business can get a D-mark and the benefits that come with such a mark.

Benefits of a D-mark

By having a D-label in your company, you show customers and potential business partners that you take good and proper care of their information and handle it correctly. This could be if they have to fill in a form or similar and you do not use their personal information.

Indeed, if a company has a D-mark, it shows that it meets the standards required by the evaluation. You can easily signal digital responsibility with a D-mark on a website, for example - so your customers can easily see that you are responsible and trustworthy.

How do you get a D-mark?

You need to meet a number of requirements, including levels of IT security and data ethics, to be awarded a D-mark. You can apply for a label on the D-mark website, where you can also sign up for the evaluation of your company's data responsibility and cyber security.

You can also undergo a self-assessment to ensure that your company actually meets the requirements before requesting an evaluation from the D-mark advisory board.

What are the criteria to be awarded a D-mark?

There are eight criteria that must be met in order for your company to be awarded a D-mark. However, not all companies must meet all of the requirements.

Four different types of business, or groups of businesses, are distinguished when awarding the D-mark. Companies are divided according to parameters such as number of employees, turnover and use of data and IT. The specific criteria are divided according to the group of companies.

The following requirements address IT security, responsible use, handling and storage of data, and also span data protection and the aforementioned data ethics.

  1. Governance and anchoring in management
  2. Awareness and secure behaviour
  3. Technical IT security
  4. Requirements for suppliers' IT security and responsible use of data
  5. Transparency and control of data
  6. Privacy and security by design and default
  7. Reliable algorithms and AI
  8. Data ethics

There are thus many criteria to meet as a company, but as I said, it also provides reassurance for the consumer, who will hopefully buy your product or service that you offer.

A stronger digital Denmark

The more attention the D-mark gets, the more attractive it becomes to get it. And this also makes for a stronger digital Denmark. You can be more confident when you go online and find a provider you are interested in - if you can see that they have a D-mark, you also save a lot of time by knowing that they have already been through evaluations and meet many criteria to be a safe place to be.

You can also prepare for the new EU rules that will come into force with the new NIS2 directive - here it also helps to have the certification from the D-label, because you just have the cyber security in order.

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