Are your employees a threat to security – or your strongest defense?

82% of all data breaches are caused by humans. Avoid becoming part of the statistics with behavior-changing cybersecurity training.

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Technology cannot stand alone in the fight against cybercrime. Invest in your people and reduce the risk.

The cyber threat is growing and more serious than ever before. At the same time, becoming a victim of cybercrime and data breaches is becoming more and more expensive, with the average global cost of a data breach in 2022 being a staggering 4.35 million USD.

In this white paper, you can read more about why you need behavior-changing cybersecurity training in your organization and more specifically:

  • How employees can prevent cyberattacks from succeeding
  • How you can maximize your security ROI through employee behavior
  • The difference between traditional cybersecurity training and behavior-changing training
  • The concrete changes Moxso's training will bring to your organization

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